hair salon extensions and services brampton
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Kristine Mcculligh  18-10-2019
   I've been to this place twice, both times I have walked our feeling like a different person. They are all profession, friendly and will squeeze you in last minute if possible. Sanaa made me look like 1 Million dollars and I feel it. No hair styling place has ever made me feel so top priority. Thank you so much for all you guys do and I will 100 percent be back and send as many people as I can your way❤️
Bao Uy Le  18-09-2019
   Good prices. I only go there for one barber's service. He great, I always request him even though it cost an extra couple of bucks, but he is worth it.
salman shaik  02-08-2019
   Great barber and salon in Brampton core. Tons of barbers readily available so waiting times are never too bad. Although prices have increased recently (15$ for standard male haircut), still relatively affordable compared to many other half decent barbershop in the area
Jennifer Hamelin  01-10-2019
   Are used to come to House Of Hair many years ago and before prices eight and it was getting a little bit too pricey and expensive for me I’m it is a great hair salon with a great bunch of coworkers who does many many different different things they’re all talented from doing haircuts two different styles to dying hair perms etc. and much more but unfortunately due to the hike in the price I had to go elsewhere for my Dollar to stretch but if you are interested and want to try this amazing hair salons and pay the price by all means give it a shot other than that that’s my opinion.